If you need to cancel your order prior to the day of delivery, we reserve the right to refund 1⁄2 of your payment or you have the option to reschedule for the full value paid ( Birthday signs only). Cancellations made within 24hrs of delivery date will not receive a refund. (Birthday displays only)

Baby signs cancelled within 24 hrs of delivery day with receive a refund  of 1/2 your payment.

All signs are property of Island Lawn Expression. Any damage, destruction or tampering with the signs  is prohibited.  Signs should not be moved without consent from Island Lawn Expressions. You are responsible for replacement of the sign should it be damaged or stolen while in your possession . If  your signs are covered in grass from your landscaper cutting grass while signs are in place you will be charged a $40 cleaning fee.

 Full payment for replacement of any signs that are damaged or stolen  will be enforced and charged to the credit card on file.